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Class IV K-Laser Therapy Treatment

Over the last decade, many medical professionals have begun realizing just how effective, powerful, yet SAFE, laser therapy can be when it comes to healing the body’s tissues. And as many families from Brentwood,  Cool Springs, Thompson Station, Nolensville, and many other regions here in Tennessee have witnessed firsthand, Class IV K-Laser Therapy is at the top of that class.

You may have heard about the laser and how amazing it is when it comes to managing pain. But the effects of this extraordinary treatment only start there. The Class IV K-Laser does much more than just alleviate pain. Is it adept at relieving muscle pain? Yes, but it’s also able to target problem areas to not only treat but also heal tissues.

During your next visit to our wellness center, don’t hesitate to ask if this type of treatment is right for you. We’d be ecstatic to show you what Class IV K-Laser Therapy is in more detail, if you and/or your family can benefit from it, and go over the next steps to determine if it might be right for you.

How exactly does the K-Laser Work?

With the ability to use three infrared wavelengths simultaneously, this type of laser therapy gives a far more thorough penetration than other lasers available on the market. Not only does this make it one of the most powerful and effective in its class, but the combination of these three give the Class IV K-Laser a specific functionality, allowing it to reach those hard to get places such as your hips and spine.

The benefits don’t stop there, though. The K-Laser isn’t a lone wolf treatment. By combining it with other wellness and chiropractic treatments, it can help ensure you and/or your family are getting the best possible results. And regardless of taking impeccable care of your body and maintaining a healthy weight, unexpected injury can occur at any time, derailing you and causing debilitating pain. But, the good news is, K-Laser Therapy won’t prevent you from performing daily activities and, as each day passes, will make your injuries a little less painful.

When these unexpected injuries occur, sometimes it may seem that surgery is the only answer. For most, this is the last resort when searching for pain relief. Not to mention, being under the influence of the heavy and potentially addictive drugs involved in surgery is the last thing we’d want for ourselves or a family member. Advanced Health and Wellness Center will safely do everything it can to make surgery unnecessary. Being a natural approach, the Class IV K-Laser targets the source area of pain, but the rest of your bodily tissues remain untouched. 

Who can benefit from Class IV K-Laser Therapy?

Perhaps a more accurate question would be, who CAN’T? We understand that each injury has a certain uniqueness to it when all of the elements are factored in such as family history, age, current health, and severity of the injury. However, K-Laser Therapy can be extremely beneficial for people of nearly all health backgrounds. Here are a few of common injuries that it is most effective in treating:

  • Injuries caused by repeated movements. Over time, repetitive motion can take a heavy toll on our bodies. Because more people spend hours at work on computers, we’ve seen carpal tunnel syndrome become more dominant in today’s society. Those who have played sports for years can also be affected by injuries due to the many repetitive movements. Think of how many times a pitcher uses his shoulder to throw a ball in a day, month, and a year!
  • Accident injuries. If you’ve been in a car accident and suffered the negative effects of whiplash, you know all too well that sudden moments can potentially impact the rest of your life. With the help of laser therapy, you can heal faster from all injuries … such as falls, sports, car accidents, and more. While you can never be fully prepared for an accident, Advanced Health and Wellness Center is here to help you get your life back on track, to feel healthy, vigorous, and happy again!
  • Both chronic and acute injuries. Whether you’ve sprained your ankle from loading something at work or suffer from chronic arthritis, laser therapy can help. Both acute and chronic injuries benefit from the laser’s deep penetration on the trouble spots. If you suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, again, the K-Laser can help with those.

If your specific injury or situation isn’t listed above, don’t worry! This information is just to give you a taste of what all K-Laser Therapy can do. Feel free to contact us now to learn more! Once you do, we will assess your needs and ensure you get the right treatments for your condition and get you and/or your family back on the road to health in no time. So it doesn’t matter if your pain is caused by an injury, whether it is acute or chronic, ask us how Class IV K-Laser can help.

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