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Advanced Health Chiropractic in Brentwood provides expert and affordable non-surgical treatment that relieves pain, immobility, and various other conditions that may interfere with an active lifestyle. 

Our team strives for excellence by offering superb patient treatment, satisfaction, and education.  Some of the causes of discomfort and pain that we have helped treat are neck pain, back pain, and work injuries.

Whether you have acute pain or chronic pain, or just want to improve your health, we will do our best in order to help you in your timely recovery. 

Why Choose Advanced Health Chiropractic

At Advanced Health Chiropractic, our professionals dig a little deeper and uncover the root cause of your pain and discomfort, treating them at the source.

We also have a greater variety of modalities to offer which can help us unlock health opportunities for our patients. 

Chiropractic Services We Offer

The Advanced Health Chiropractic Difference:

Everything that we do is on the basis of the result of your preliminary exam as well as the path that we have outlined for the recovery.

We create a roadmap to make calculated adjustments, which will help make a major difference in your recovery and healing.

While easing your immediate pain and discomfort are our priority, we also want to identify and then alleviate the underlying causes of recurring pain.

Class IV K-Laser Therapy

Our Class IV K-laser therapy provides an effective non-pharmaceutical solution that targets the cells that activate your body’s repair mechanism.

This is achieved by improving local circulation and increasing blood flow, drawing oxygen, water, and other nutrients into damaged tissue as well as removing waste products like lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

Class IV K-Laser therapy at Advanced Health Chiropractic helps treat a wide array of conditions, usually alongside traditional medicine. These conditions include:

  • Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Congestion and Edema
  • Chronic Pain
  • Sprains, Fractures, and Strains
  • Puncture Wounds and Trauma

Corrective Exercise

Do you think that if you are injured or in pain, it means you should not move? You will be surprised to know that in many cases, it is usually the opposite. Our experts and doctors are fully trained in therapeutic corrective exercise. They will only prescribe specific movements that are suitable and safe for your neck and back and appropriate for the current pain level.

These exercises will help correct your faulty movement patterns that you may have adopted gradually over time and are the reason for your pain. And following the exercise regimen we prescribe is important to your short as well as long-term success.


Our Mission

Advanced Health and Wellness Center was founded with the desire to deliver the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care in Greater Nashville. By combining today’s most modern chiropractic techniques with innovative and cutting-edge technology, AHWC is able to provide world class whole-body care to families and athletes in Middle Tennessee. We are here to deliver hope and positively change the lives of the members of our community by providing a multi-faceted healthcare approach based upon chiropractic principles and modern wellness techniques.​

New patients receive a free consultation.​