About Our Team

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Travis Morgan-Chiropractic Physician/Clinic Director

Sidelined by Sports Injuries

Dr. Morgan experienced incredible results from chiropractic care at young age after he was injured while running track in middle school. His mother was seeing a local chiropractor at the time and took her son in to see what the chiropractor could do to help. After just a few adjustments Dr. Morgan was pain free and back to competing. This exposure to his future profession was consistent throughout his teenage years as two of his close friends growing up had parents that were chiropractors and while in high school Dr. Morgan decided he wanted to pursue becoming a chiropractor too. 

Born and raised in Marion, Illinois, Dr. Morgan and his wife Leslie, a local emergency department pediatrician, moved to Franklin, Tennessee in 2014. They have four young children,  Rhett, Tate, Landry and Conley, as well as two dogs, Dexter and Oreo. Dr. Morgan’s free time is spent enjoying time with his family, playing golf, working out, boating, and enjoying the local sports culture.

Education and Additional Qualifications

Dr. Morgan completed his undergraduate education at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. He then went on to Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri to complete his doctorate of chiropractic. “I have a passion to help people achieve their health goals with the most efficient and effective conservative approaches available.” After chiropractic college, Dr. Morgan went on to study several subjects more intently, these include:
  • TMJ Disorder and Orofacial Pain Management
  • Lower Back Disorders
  • Disc Injuries/Herniation
  • Dry Needling
  • Advanced Laser Therapy Techniques
  • Functional Shoulder Treatment and Stabilization
  • Functional Movement/Corrective Exercise
  • Sports Rehabilitation

Jameson Russell - Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Russell has a very similar introduction to chiropractic care as Dr. Morgan. He injured his back high jumping in middle school and someone suggested that he see one of the local chiropractors. After the first adjustment he was amazed that he was almost completely pain free and therefore his intrigue with chiropractic began. His chiropractor and mentor, Dr. Keith Bartley, was a former high jumper who allowed Dr. Russell to shadow him and pick his brain anytime. This created a bond which lead to him helping Dr. Russell begin his journey to becoming a chiropractor. He kept Dr. Russell going throughout many years of track and football. Dr. Russell shares that same passion for helping athletes and non-athletes alike just like his mentor did with him when he was young.
Born and raised in Jasper, Indiana, he got his degree in Exercise Science/Biomechanics from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis with Dr. Morgan in 2009. He has previously practiced in San Diego, Wadsworth, OH, and Bloomington, IN.
Dr. Russell moved to Tennessee in 2021 with his girlfriend, Kendra, and dog, Addie. He enjoys spending his free time in the great outdoors whether it’s hiking, swimming, boating, or just going for a Jeep drive. Dr. Russell is also very active when it comes to exercise and has been a member of the Crossfit community for over 10 years and has been able to help a large number of his fellow CrossFitters with their aches and pains throughout the years by having a clear understanding of their movements and mechanics. He also enjoys participating in and watching all sports at every level, but his Hoosiers will always be his main passion!

Our Mission

Advanced Health and Wellness Center was founded with the desire to deliver the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care in Greater Nashville.  By combining today’s most modern chiropractic techniques with innovative and cutting-edge technology, AHWC is able to provide world class whole-body care to families and athletes in Middle Tennessee.  We are here to deliver hope and positively change the lives of the members of our community by providing a multi-faceted healthcare approach based upon chiropractic principles and modern wellness techniques.

Advanced Health and Wellness opened in 2015 to serve Franklin, TN and the surrounding communities of Brentwood, Thompson’s Station, Spring Hill, Nashville, Belle Meade, Nolensville and Cool Springs with integrated medical services so you and your family can experience the best health of your lives.

Our integrated wellness care facility means you have the expertise of an entire team of health care experts at your disposal. We offer cutting-edge solutions to help you get out of pain so you can live the life you want. Our care comes from a natural approach that utilizes today’s best evidence-based procedures including expert chiropractic care, spinal decompression, and laser therapy, among many other techniques.

We’re ready to find what works for you. Your personalized wellness care plan will be customized based on you and your family’s needs.

New patients receive a free consultation.