Class IV K-Laser Therapy -

Class IV K-Laser Therapy

The Future Is Now

This may sound like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie, but for over 50 years, research has demonstrated the power of single frequency laser light to stimulate DNA repairment in damaged cell tissue. Infrared light lasers have shown to be the most effective at cellular regeneration, though all single frequency lights offered some help. For a history on this research, click here. It is based on this technology that a revolutionary healing technique has been created. Class IV K-Laser Therapy is no longer a dream for the future – its healing power is accessible now!

How Does It Work?

With Class IV K-Laser Therapy, infrared wavelengths are harnessed to penetrate deep into the body’s cellular structures, giving it the ability to target very precise locations, even traditionally difficult to reach places hips and spines. The damaged cells are reached by the infrared light and begin regenerating at rapid speed, speeding healing and shortening recovery times. This all natural therapy can also reduce the pain associated with damaged tissue, with no fear of the scary side-effects found in prescription pain medicine.

Who Can Benefit?

If you’ve had a trauma like a car accident or a fall, suffer from acute or chronic pain like arthritis, or have experienced repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel or tendonitis, then you could benefit from Class IV K-Laser Therapy. While all injuries are unique, Class IV K-Laser Therapy is a powerful technique that can speed your healing and recovery time considerably. You can enhance recovery even more by also combining this treatment with other effective treatments like chiropractic adjustments, infrared sauna, and myofascial release therapy, among others.

Where is it available?

If you live in the Franklin, TN area, you are fortunate enough to have Class IV K-Laser Therapy available at Advanced Health & Wellness Center. The expert team there will evaluate your injury and determine if this revolutionary technique is right for your healing process. To set up your consultation, please call (615) 905-0120 today!