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Safe Weight Loss Solutions with No Surgery

There’s one thing that chiropractors have known for years that many patients just don’t realize: your weight plays a HUGE role in the health of your spine! (No pun intended). For this reason, we take many proactive measures to help you with every step on your weight loss expedition. At Advanced Health and Wellness, we don’t push pills or creams or extreme diets; we want your weight loss to occur with effective, yet healthy methods. There is no silver bullet when it comes losing weight and reaching your goals. So whether you’re in Brentwood, Franklin, Cool Springs, Thompson Station, or Nolensville, we’re here to help you find your body’s long term weight loss solution!

Our plans are individualized for you because we are aware that depending on the current state of your body’s wellness, a plan that works from someone else may not be right for you. Also, we consider the mental impact that weight gain and loss can have upon your psyche. Reaching your goals is as significant to us as it is to you, and we make that possible by using accurate and proven weight loss methods that boost energy and promote well-being. Read on to see what you’ll be able to anticipate when you enlist yourself into our weight-loss services.

What area(s) do we serve for weight loss service? Brentwood, Franklin, Cool Springs, Thompson Station, and Nolensville are where the majority of our patients come from. But even if you’re outside of these municipalities are and are seeking weight loss (or other healing treatments) Advanced Health and Wellness is here to help you reach the best health you can.

We’ll start by figuring out the best foods your body is looking for instead of those your body doesn’t want. Everyone knows how easy it is to grab a quick bite at a fast “food” restaurant (yes, we put the word food in quotes there—read on to find out why!) or lose count of how many Oreos you’ve inhaled while watching reruns of Lost. Don’t worry—we all do it! Even those who have spent good money in hopes of changing their life by losing weight backslide from time to time. But when you enlist in professional weight reduction services from Advanced Health and Wellness, we’ll help you find the right foods to curb those impulsive cravings.
Your diet strategy will be devised with the general health of your body in your mind. Keeping your own immune system sturdy and your nervous system operating properly is the top priority. Then, once your spine is subluxation free, you’ll begin to notice your body process foods and oxygen more efficiently,

Adding a fitness regimen to your weight loss strategy

An important goal of chiropractic is to reduce pains that could happen due to age, illness, and injuries. If you happen to stumble upon and try to implement a fad exercise plan, it may be easy to injure yourself, and when that happens, you can kiss your weight loss plans goodbye. We use a valuable approach to weight loss processes that gives focus to personal needs, past injuries, and your family history. In addition, we offer you knowledge, so you know how exactly to safely transfer your body during the exercise part of your weight reduction efforts. Keep in mind that with chiropractic, we’re working together with you to obtain a long-term, sustainable weight loss goal. It may take a little longer than pounding diet pills all day that makes your heart race and makes you feel as though you’re going to have a heart attack, but the weight you lose the right way has a far greater chance of staying away.

Other advantages of living at a healthy weight

The correlation between a healthy and strong body and a sharp, at peace mind is not just a theory. At Advanced Health and Wellness, we know it is an absolute fact. But beyond feeling invigorated with confidence and health when living at your body’s ideal weight, you’ll also discover life is more gratifying because you’ll have less stress and worries, not only because you’ll be better suited to handle the outside factors life throws your way, but also because of the stronger sense of self you feel inside. No more turning down social events because you’re afraid of others to see you in a swimsuit; by living healthy at your body’s idea weight, you’ll finally feel comfortable in your own skin. And that is something you can’t put a price on.
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