Rapid Release Technology

When you suffer from muscle spasms and don’t have the range of motion that you once did, it can make your every day frustrating. Chiropractic care offers natural solutions to help you get to the bottom of your pain, so you can start correcting it from the root, and then move forward from there. Rapid Release Technology has shown to relieve pain and improve the quality of life in multiple patients. Here we’ll explore what rapid release technology is, what it treats, and the benefits you can expect.

What it is

Rapid Release Technology is an advanced therapy that can help people with multiple conditions. Through vibration, it targets scar tissue. The reason it’s important to target scar tissue is because when you suffer from an injury, go through surgery, have poor posture, or continually clench because of anxiety and stress, an adhesion between the different tissues in your body will form and can cause numbness and pain in the area.

RRT offers high-frequency vibrations to break down the scar tissue and decrease the pain you feel. It targets the brittle and tense scar tissue and leaves the healthy tissue be. It can be used for large areas like the lower back, as well as smaller trouble spots such as the hands and feet. The treatment is comfortable, and the sessions don’t take very long, so you’ll be back to your day quickly.

Who it benefits

There are many people who can benefit from Rapid Release Technology, and you might be one of them! Because scar tissue can affect areas from the nerves to the tendons to the muscles, it’s not uncommon for many people to feel pain at some point in their lives due to issues involving scar tissue. If you’ve ever had muscle spasms, then this type of therapy could be right for you. Here are a few more people that Rapid Release Technology can help.

If you’re someone who prefers natural solutions when it comes to resolving issues like trigger points and other pains, then chiropractic care that offers services in Rapid Release Technology is an excellent alternative. The therapy is non-invasive and virtually painless, and for many people the results are immediate.

If you’ve suffered a past injury or use repetitive motions in your life due to work or sports, then you’ll start to notice that you have a limited range of the movement if left untreated. This can affect shoulders, knees, back, neck, legs, and arms. If the scar tissue problem is never dealt with, it will only continue to get worse, and can even start to harm other parts of your body due to the way you have to carry yourself to have the least amount of pain.

Rapid Release Therapy is also an excellent choice for those who have tried other methods, but nothing has worked. Traditional medications may only cover up the problem, but not actually resolve them. Medical doctors and physical therapists might not target the pain accurately, or their solution may not provide you with any relief. If you think you’ve tried it all and are exhausted, take the chance to learn a little more about Rapid Release Technology.

Those that don’t have a lot of time or the patience when it comes to treatments for scar tissue problems will appreciate the quickness and effectiveness of RRT. If you’re in excruciating pain, then you often won’t mind waiting to get treatments. But if your particular symptoms are light, then it’s easy to put off your appointments. When you begin your treatments, you’ll be surprised at how fast and effective they are, and you might even start looking forward to your visits to a chiropractor.

What to expect

When you enlist in our chiropractic services, you can expect to get premium treatments and customer satisfaction. We take the time to listen to your needs and fully understand what you’re going through regarding pain. We know that everyone is different, and while some people enter chiropractic care with open arms, others will be a little more reserved if they have never considered it before. We’re here for everyone on both spectrums, as well as those in between. Your comfort is important to us, and you’ll see that from the first phone call until the end of your first treatment.

Talk to a chiropractor today about the many advantages you can enjoy when making an appointment to see if Rapid Release Technology is right for you. The health of your body is one of the most precious gifts you can have, and we always aim to make sure that you are left feeling better and focused on what’s next in your day, not the pain in your back. Reach out today and let us show you the difference that we can make.