Corrective Exercise

Enlisting in chiropractic care is an excellent decision for your health, and we offer a wide variety of services depending on your individual needs. We look at a total approach to your health and wellbeing, and one of the services we provide to make the most of the strength of your spine is corrective exercise. While our mission is to get to the underlying issues that are causing you pain whether it’s a bulging disc or multiple trigger points, we also want to provide you with a strategy to prevent the injuries from happening again.

We put our bodies into awkward and unnatural positions on a regular basis, and this will start to have an impact on how we perform each day. Many things can cause our body to be imbalanced from playing sports to sitting for extended periods of time to the way we sleep. The natural methods we use are designed to protect your body and each exercise we show you will have a purpose whether it’s to improve your posture or alleviate pain. Here we’ll look into what corrective exercise is, and answer a few common questions that people have when deciding if it’s right for them.

Who is corrective exercise designed for?

Corrective exercise can help people at all levels of health and fitness. If you don’t have chronic pain issues, the movements will strengthen your body prevent future injuries that can occur from repetitive motions and other conditions you’re prone to. If you have irregularities in your body already, then you’ll be guided to move your muscles in ways will that strengthen and correct those trouble spots. So, whether you feel perfectly healthy, you feel chronic pain, you’re in rehabilitation, or you’re somewhere in between, corrective exercise can help you.

What kinds of exercises do you do?

Each person will vary in the activities that they do when enlisting in corrective exercise. Your chiropractor will guide you in the proper ways to hold your weight, move your knees, and not over extend your different limbs. These movements will not only help improve your injury and build spine strength, but your posture and energy levels will improve.

When selecting the exercises that are right for you, your chiropractor will factor in where you’re at in your recovery, how long it has taken you to recover in the past, and other elements of your physical health. They’ll also work with you to help regain stability and power to your routines, so you continue to improve throughout the process.

How much time does it take?

Your chiropractor will let you know how many times a day or week you should be performing each exercise. Most of the exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home, but if you feel any discomfort and prefer to be under the supervision of a professional then talk to your chiropractor. The time it takes each day to work on your exercises is very small compared the big benefits you’ll receive when doing them.

How will a chiropractor help?

A chiropractor offers the necessary guidelines so that you’ll integrate your training into your life the right way. They’ll help you through the exercises to enhance your goals whether they are for rehabilitation or prevention. A chiropractor has a more detailed understanding of how your body works as a whole, and this information is invaluable when you’re trying to make the most of your efforts. Because you’re exercising under the supervision of a chiropractor, they’ll be able to gain a better understanding of the current state of your health. This will give you advantages over time for screenings and diagnosing different conditions during the beginning stages.

A chiropractor can teach you the difference between good techniques and bad ones. To get the best results, you’ll have to make sure your movements are clean, and your arms, legs, back, knees, and abs are correctly placed. They’ll also cheer you on as you progress in your exercises, and you’ll be more likely to continue with them because you’ll have accountability and support.

What other services can I pair with corrective exercise?

There are many services that chiropractic care offers that can be paired with corrective exercise. You can utilize the nutrition and weight loss services, as well as trigger point therapy to compliment each other. Go ahead and schedule a no obligations consultation to gain further insight into the services they offer.

Chiropractors are different than traditional medical doctors in that they treat the entire body and work with people to optimize their overall health. If you have any questions about corrective exercises or other chiropractic services, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment. It’s important to us that you’re as comfortable as possible with our services, and we make it our mission to give you a premium experience.