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Shoulder Injuries

If you are experiencing difficulty moving your arms over your head, feel dull aches in your shoulder, or have sharp pains when you move your arms, you may have a shoulder injury. Over the counter and prescription pain medications can provide temporary, at home relief, but no one wants to be dependent on harmful drugs just to be able to function daily without pain. Advance Health and Wellness can try to zero in on your specific problem and come up with a treatment plan that will provide lasting relief and long-term healing, without surgery.

Whether you are an avid golfer, a professional baseball player, swimmer, novice tennis player, bowler, or kayaker, injuring your shoulder from repetitive, excessive motion is definitely a risk you take to play the game. While activity related injuries to the shoulder are most common, some people are at risk for shoulder problems due to other factors, such as age, a family history of arthritis, and poor joint health.

Even those not so athletically inclined run the risk of injuring their shoulders by simply doing other tasks involving repetitive overhead motion such as: washing or painting walls and ceilings, hanging a favorite piece of art, or putting up a new set of drapes. Certain jobs, like carpentry or construction, also put you at risk for shoulder injuries. Regardless of how you have hurt your shoulder, the pain associated with this type of injury can be extremely limiting to your everyday life.

Symptoms of various types of shoulder injuries generally include: dull aches and pain in the shoulder, sharp pain when moving your arms, trouble sleeping due to pain or an inability to lay on the side you believe to be injured, inability to lift your arms behind your head for activities as simple as brushing or washing your hair, and weakness in the arm. You may also experience swelling, redness, or other tenderness in the area, or feel a warm sensation in and around your shoulder.

The most common type of shoulder injury involves damage to your rotator cuff. The repetitive, excessive, overhead motions mentioned above can, over time, lead to small or large tears in the tendons and muscles that connect the bones of your shoulder joint together. These muscles and tendons allow you to lift your arms, and so any injury can limit your range of motion severely. In addition to the type of injury caused by wear and tear over time, it is possible to damage the shoulder in an instant as well, through some sort of trauma.

Unfortunately, sometimes people do not regain complete shoulder function after a rotator cuff injury, but at Advance Health and Wellness, we can assess the damage and attempt to come up with a plan that is right for your specific case, making every attempt to help you regain as much range of motion as possible.

In addition to rotator cuff injuries, torn cartilage or ruptured tendons could also be causing your shoulder pain. Give us a call today and make an appointment to ascertain the cause of your individual injury. Attempting to only self-treat or medicate a shoulder injury can lead to larger tears or damage, and larger problems, down the road.