Is Bedwetting A Big Deal? -

Is Bedwetting A Big Deal?

Sleepovers, whether at Grandma and Grandpa’s house or a friend from school, are a rite of passage for kids these days. However, for some kids, it becomes a source of embarrassment and stress when they are still struggling with chronic bedwetting.

Called Nocturnal Enuresis, bedwetting refers to involuntary urination while sleeping in children over 5. Most kids will become fully potty trained, including overnight, by age 5. However, about 15% of kids continue having accidents during sleep from ages 5 - 7, while less than 5% continue to do so between ages 8-11, according to the National Institutes of Health. Somewhat surprisingly, by age 18, 1% of kids are still having difficulties with bedwetting.  With bedwetting being such a common problem, what is known about it?


There are a number of factors that can contribute to chronic bedwetting in older kids including genetics (the child’s chances of being a bedwetter significantly increases if one or both parents were bedwetters), diabetes, having a smaller bladder than normal, or even in some rarer cases, structural issues with the urinary tract. You can find a full list of potential causes here. Most times, bedwetting is not something to be overly concerned about, and you’ll generally see your child outgrow the problem. However, the cause of bedwetting we see more often than not is a lack of communication between the brain and the bladder during sleep. The child’s deep sleep doesn’t allow the full bladder signal to wake the child to alert him or her to the need to urinate.

Natural Solutions For Bedwetting

There are a few muscle strengthening exercises that can help a child gain the necessary muscle control like having the child practice starting and stopping the urine stream 3 to 5 times while urinating. Also, if the child can learn to ride a bike, the muscles needed to maintain the balance needed to ride a bike are the same muscles used in controlling urination, so it can be immensely helpful in stopping bedwetting.

In addition to those exercises, if you’ve tried all the conventional methods for remedying the problem like limiting fluids in the evening, limiting caffeine, and ensuring they empty their bladder right before bed, then you may want to consider chiropractic care as a natural alternative for help. Since the problem is in the nervous system’s inability to communicate the need to urinate to the brain during sleep, chiropractic care can help! Chiropractic care focuses on the allowing the nervous system to function properly without impeding, so once the nervous systems has proper blood flow and can send messages without interruption, bedwetting generally goes away.

If your child is struggling with bedwetting and you live in the Franklin, TN area, we hope you’ll contact us for help. At Advanced Health & Wellness Center, we are ready to help you and your family achieve true wellness in a safe, natural way. We will do a painless, comfortable thorough evaluation to see if we can help. Call us at (615) 905-0120. Don’t let the embarrassment and frustration of bedwetting get in your family’s way any longer!