Anxiety Disorder: 4 signs it's time to see a Chiropractor -

Anxiety Disorder: 4 signs it’s time to see a Chiropractor

When it comes to anxiety, you may find yourself wondering what is normal and what is going over the line. Anxiety is something that all people feel at some point in their lives whether it’s before a big presentation at work or during a time that you’re going through a lot of changes such as buying a new home or shifting your career.

And while the line isn’t entirely clear between what is normal and what is classified as anxiety disorder, there are a few signs that you should be aware of.

#1: Tension of the muscles.

You might not notice that you’re mentally pushing through anxiety on a daily basis, but your body will clue you in. Often when people suffer from anxiety disorder, they’ll have a repeated motion that involves flexing muscles within the body. If you start to notice that your neck and shoulders often hurt when you’re feeling stressed, then chiropractic care will work to get to the root of the problem so that you can get relief.

#2: You don’t go to bed or wake up restfully.

We’ve all had restless nights or woke up in a panic, but there is a point when it’s going over the line. Sleep is critical for a healthy body and mind, and when you find that you aren’t able to drift peacefully into slumber because your mind is racing over issues large and small, then talk to your chiropractor. You might also find that you wake up during the night and have to tend to these thoughts, as well as first thing in the morning before you even get your day started.

#3: You struggle in social situations.

Social anxiety is very common, even for those that don't struggle to be around others. However, there comes a time when you have to recognize how you handle being around groups of people. If you find that you continually avoid events such as work parties, weddings, small gatherings with new faces involved, and even stay away from stores when the parking lot is full, you’ll want to reevaluate the reasons why. And if the only answer you come up with is because of nerves, then your social anxiety might be higher on the radar than you have been letting yourself believe.

#4: Worrying is causing fatigue.

If you can’t remember the last time you went a day without excessive worrying, then it’s time to start paying closer attention to your emotions. Do you find that the pressure is unrelenting no matter what size problem you’re thinking about? Have you found yourself growing weary in the day because you’ve exhausted yourself with worry? Seeing a chiropractor is an excellent option when you notice that your everyday life is being negatively effective by worrisome thoughts.

These are only a few of the common symptoms that are associated with anxiety disorder. If you suffer from anxiety and want to get to the root of the problem, then make an appointment with your local chiropractor today.


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