7 Ways to Reduce the Arthritic Pain -

7 Ways to Reduce the Arthritic Pain

While many of us take progressive steps throughout our lives to prevent arthritis, we aren’t guaranteed that we won’t develop it at some point. Family history, gender, repetitive motions we take every day, and age will also play a role in whether we suffer from arthritic pain in the future or not. Here we share a few ways to combat the pain, so you can get back to enjoying those simple things in life like taking a walk with the family, gardening, and making dinner.

#1: Maintain a healthy weight

The extra pressure that excess weight puts on your knees and ankles can have a negative impact on your body. Staying at a healthy weight will not only combat the signs of arthritis but will ward off other diseases as well.

#2: Exercise on a regular basis

Even if you’re at a healthy weight, you should still take the time to build strong muscles that develop around your joints. This protects them from tearing and will improve your range of motion, among many other benefits.

#3: Avoid injuries when you can

Often, we can’t predict when an injury will occur. However, if you know that you’re going to be doing something that could cause damage, then be sure to wear the proper safety gear. If you play sports, it’s essential that you learn the proper way to move your body to prevent common injuries.

#4: Quit smoking

If you smoke, it’s time to develop a strategy for stopping. It not only increases your risk of getting arthritis, but it causes lung cancer and has an adverse impact on your body. Put the money that you spend on cigarettes in a jar every time you would usually buy a pack, and in a year you'll have enough saved up for a weekend getaway.

#5: Be selective about the shoes you wear

If you want to be kind to your knees, then pay attention to the shoes that you wear. Because women are at a higher risk of developing arthritis, it may be time to trade in your high heels for flats. And while you can still get out your heels for special occasions, they shouldn’t be worn all day, every day.

#6: Drink your water

Your body needs to stay hydrated for a multitude of reasons, and one of them is preventing and reducing pain when it comes to arthritis. Your joints have cartilage that is made up of primarily water. When you aren’t hydrated, the cushion that the cartilage provides won’t be as effective, and this will cause more pain, so be sure you drink the recommended daily dose.

#7: Visit your chiropractor

Your chiropractor can design an individualized diet and exercise plan for you that is specific for combating arthritis. We’ll also guide you towards the best in-office treatments that compliment your routine to help reduce the pain. Chiropractic care involves getting to the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptom. Plus, we can help you learn the best techniques for ergonomics in the office and movements when playing sports. Don’t push through the arthritic pain any longer when you can begin taking proactive steps today.