5 Tips for a Healthy Back -

5 Tips for a Healthy Back

It doesn't matter what profession you're in, your back will often be a target for pain if you aren't careful. Whether you sit at a desk for hours on end, or you're on the construction site with tools in hand, the way you carry yourself and care for your spine will make a difference. Here are five ways to keep your back strong and healthy, and you can start applying them today.

#1: Mind your shoes

It's not uncommon for people to buy shoes based on their appearance, but if you want to protect your back, you should also look for footwear that supports your spine. If you already purchase options that promote a healthy back, then be sure you replace them once they've worn out. Many of us don't want to let go of that lucky pair of sneakers but trust that your back with thank you when you get a shiny new pair.

#2: Get a massage

Getting a professional massage by a chiropractor will offer you relief and help correct spinal issues that you're having. Not only will you have a spine expert on your side, but a massage is an excellent way to relax and destress after a long day that can make you tense up. Stress over extended periods of time can create back issues because of the repetitive motions such as hunching your shoulders up for hours a day. Performing a massage will alert your chiropractor to the trouble spots and you can begin the process of improving them.

#3: Exercise with your back in mind

When you exercise, you want to focus on movements that strengthen your back and improve your abs. And while some people don't consult their chiropractor before beginning a new workout routine, it's essential to your goals for a healthy back that you do. Because you'll want to do very specific exercises to strengthen your spine, a little guidance will be extremely beneficial.

#4: Pay attention to your mattress

Make sure that your spine isn't being stressed when you sleep because of an old mattress or falling asleep on the sofa. If you find yourself uncomfortable during the night and wake up with back pains, it will be to your spines advantage that you get a new mattress and pillows. The best characteristics to look for are beds and pillows that give you a comfortable sleep throughout the night. But when in doubt, ask your chiropractor what guidelines you should follow when shopping for a mattress that protects your spine.

#5: Thoughtfully lift and turn

Throughout our day, we are tossing our bodies into positions that are unnatural. We quickly adjust the seatbelt for our kids by leaning into the backseat, crouch over a co-workers desk to help them on their computer, and other movements that make us contort our bodies like we run the trapeze at the circus. Next time you knock something off the shelf at the store, don't awkwardly pick it up in haste, but stop and put your spine first. Thoughtfully lift and move, and you'll notice yourself starting to have more control over your body and your spine will remain healthy and supported.