5 Tips for Managing Headaches -

5 Tips for Managing Headaches

The whole world can seem to shut down when you have a headache. They don’t always give you a warning, and you just can’t predict how severe they are going to be. In fact, many people aren’t even sure what sparks a headache. However, if you’ve lost hope and just push through the pain each day with medication or give up on the day by going to bed, then try a few of these tips to help manage headaches. While everyone is unique in the severity of their headaches and their ability to control them, there are still many options to help reduce the pain and enjoy everyday life again.

#1: Change your diet

It might surprise you to know that certain foods can trigger headaches for people. Chocolate and dairy, acids in wines, and nitrates in meat are just a few of the foods that can cause headaches. However, the list doesn't stop there. If you want to find out if you get headaches from your current diet, then start by writing down everything you eat, even on days that you feel fine. When headaches and migraines do occur, you’ll have a better idea of your eating patterns and will be able to spot those discrepancies.

#2: Make an appointment with your chiropractor

Many people walk around with spinal issues and pressure points that may be the root of headaches. However, until you take advantage of a visit to your local chiropractor, you won’t get the results that you could be achieving. Scheduling a complimentary consultation will be an excellent way to get those pressing questions answered about your diet and other aches beyond your head.

#3: Take breaks throughout your day

In many cases, you’ll find that an aching head comes from straining your neck and eyes whether you are working in front of a computer or you’re squinting at the sun all day. Taking small and proactive breaks to rest your eyes and neck throughout the day will be a good way to prevent or lessen the headaches that do occur. Don’t fight getting a few moments of shut-eye in your hectic schedule because you might just find that instead of fighting pain in your head at night, you actually get to enjoy time with friends and family.

#4: Get or give yourself a massage

When you feel a headache coming on, you can grab a quiet spot and find your pressure points and start giving yourself a massage. You can also schedule a massage with your local chiropractor to stay proactive in preventing headaches in the future. Your chiropractor can show you the best practices when giving yourself a massage to help reduce pain around your neck and head.

#5: Drink plenty of water

A headache is often brought about when you’re dehydrated, so make sure you drink plenty of water during the course of a day. Even if you think that you drink plenty of fluids, remember that the type of beverage your drinking has a lot to do with how hydrated you actually are.

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